Oregon and USA Crossed Flag Pins

by flagpins March 17, 2018
1.15" Soft enamel pins. Oregon and USA crossed flag pins with gold finish.

Oregon and USA crossed flag pins are crafted by soft enamel. Oregon and USA crossed flag pins die struck with gold finish. Each of Oregon and USA crossed flag pins is individually poly bagged and fixed by a butterfly clutch back. GS-JJ can provide many different  American flag lapel pin and cross flag pin at the lowest price.

The flag of the state of Oregon is a two-sided flag in navy blue and gold with an optional gold fringe. On the front is the escutcheon from the state seal and on the reverse is a gold figure of a beaver, the state animal. Oregon is the only state to feature a double-sided flag (the flag of Massachusetts was changed in 1971 to be single-sided). The current flag of Oregon became official on February 26, 1925. What is believed to be the first flag of Oregon produced was made that year by Meier & Frank, sewn by Marjorie Kennedy and Blanche Cox, employees of the department store. That flag was donated to Eastern Oregon University in 1954 by the grandson of former governor Walter M. Pierce. In 2010, the flag was restored.

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