John Legend Posts a Makeup-Free Selfie of Chrissy Teigen—No Filter Necessary

by guocong September 05, 2017

John Legend is awestruck by his wife Chrissy Teigen—and his latest show of affection is evidence of just that. In the midst of the couple’s Mediterranean jaunt to Corsica, the “All of Me” singer took to Instagram to share a bare-faced selfie of Teigen clad in a printed red cover up with her sun-kissed brunette lengths scraped back. Without a swirl of foundation or blush, her rosy glow was supernatural. “No filter necessary,” he captioned the seemingly makeup-free snap, which has garnered nearly 400,000 likes.

Legend’s ode to Teigen’s natural beauty comes on the heels of him bravely opening up about their fertility struggles, explaining that going through the emotional experience of IVF, which helped them conceive one-year-old daughter Luna, strengthened their bond forever. And so it goes without saying: Whether they’re keeping it light, or being refreshingly open and honest about their hurdles, Legend and Teigen always keep it real.

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