Plumi 4.5 Video Sharing

by anna January 31, 2013
This is the demo site for Plumi, a free open source video sharing app for the web. Plumi is a Python package built on the Plone CMS. Features auto transcoding, HTML5 video player, video podcasting, upload via FTP, Creative Commons, Amara subtitling engine, video analytics and more. Click here to read more or just try it out!

We are very excited about this new version of Plumi, the video-sharing web application that we at EngageMedia and Unweb, along with the Plone community, have been developing for several years.


The first thing you'll notice about Plumi 4.5 is the spanking new skin. Of course you can customise Plumi to look however you like, using the new Diazo framework. But right out of the box you will be pleased to see a shiny contemporary skin, easy to use and pretty to look at.

On the front page you can view all the latest videos that have been uploaded, plus feature a video in the slot on top, ready to play back using mediaelement.js player - an HTML5 player that will work in any modern browser. The site is designed to adapt to different screen sizes, and videos will play back on Android and iOS devices.


You can play back a high or low res version with a click, embed the video with an <iframe>, share it on popular social networking sites, download the original file or a hi/lo res mp4 or webm, view fullscreen and play/skip/pause the video.

We recently integrated the Amara subtitling system, so now its a snap to view subtitles in any language that's been added, or add your own subtitles to the video instantly through Amara's user-friendly interface.


Plumi comes with templates for viewing the latest videos with rollovers to view the summary, date and country of origin, in a beautiful grid format. But you can also view videos by genre, country, topic, tag or by each user.

You can even create collections of videos based on any criteria, and include a description on that page. Video podcast feeds are available based on genre, topic, country, user and any collection.

Use the powerful search function to find videos and other content, and filter your results via advanced search.


Publishing a video is now even easier using our new form. Add a video using our simple widget, watch the progress bar as it uploads, and add metadata to your video including title, description, tags, categories and an open-content license. It's easy to attach a Creative Commons license and a custom thumbnail (or just let the system create one for you).

One the video is uploaded, Plumi will automatically transcode just about any format to hi/lo res mp4 and webm files, covering all bases when it comes to playback in the browser.


Plone comes with a powerful set of community features which we have customised. Users can register, add their bio and a thumbnail, add their interests (which group them with users of the same interests), add a PayPal account as a virtual tip-jar,

A user's profile lists all the videos and other content they have added, plus a link to their own personal video podcast. Users can contact a member of the site via their profile, or engage in threaded discussions on any content.


The good news is that Plumi is a stable, feature-rich web application to create your own video-sharing site. The even better news is that it is free, open source software.

Comparable to many commercial solutions, this software won't cost you a cent, but not only that, you can contribute to the continued development of the Plumi platform, and ensure that corporations don't hold the only keys to media distribution on the net. You're also free to modify it to your own needs!


There is a manual available for Plumi on We are updating this at the moment to reflect version 4.5, but it will give you a good overview of many of the existing technologies.

You can keep up to date with the Plumi project by joining our announcement list or discussion list or checking out the Plumi blog. The code is available on Github or download the latest package from PyPI. We're always looking to meet new developers (familiarity with Python, Zope, Plone, Diazo a plus), designers and beta-testers.

Core development of Plumi by EngageMedia and Unweb.

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