The Best Branding Practices for Your Tech Company

by Avinash Choudhary July 30, 2020
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Branding is one of the most essential steps when it comes to growing your tech business. Getting your branding game on-point takes some practice and experience. However, if you are just starting out, you can follow these few basic principles above to guide yourself into the branding world.

What is Branding?

Branding is a marketing practice that refers to creating a unique identity that represents your business or firm. Branding must be easily recognisable and noticeable. When you have an efficient branding strategy, it helps you shape your brand and create an identity that represents it. Getting the hang of branding takes years of schooling for some people, but here we try to simplify the basics of branding for you so you can start creating strategies for branding your tech company. As you read, you will understand what the best branding practices are and the various available branding tools.


Why is Branding Essential?

Branding is what ensures that people see and recognise your brand. When your clients desire to buy a service or a product, it is your branding that they will notice first. Branding your brand must go hand in hand with advertising your brand. Effective branding must be cohesive with your advertising strategy.


Best Branding Practices

When you decide to create a tech brand, there are a lot of things that you must remember. Building a brand that clients recognise and associate with is a process that might take some time. Though it would take time, getting started on it with the right approach is what makes a huge difference. Here are a few things that you must focus on when branding your tech company.


The logo

The logo of your firm is what people notice about it at the very first glance. Your logo must not be just the name of your firm, but it must represent what your business stands for as a whole. It must be unique and must draw people's attention towards it. Logos take time to be commonly recognised, so, when you design a logo for your tech firm, make sure that it is something that clients can easily recall.


The colours

When you pick colours to represent your brand, you must put in a lot of thought into it. Brand colours should stand out, but they shouldn't be jarring. Colours that you pick should be soothing and unique, pick shades that are not easy to copy and try combinations that look amazing no matter where you decide to use them.



Consistency is essential when you try to brand your business. Your branding must be consistent and the same throughout all mediums that you use to put your brand out. Take extra care to not change the colours you use or your logo when you brand your firm on various platforms. Consistency is the most essential feature of a successful branding strategy.


Branding Tools

You must be confused as to which tool you should use for branding. For easier understanding, we've divided branding tools into two categories- traditional tools and non-traditional tools. Here's what each of these categories means-


Traditional Branding Tools

Traditional Branding Tools encompass all those tools that marketing professionals have been using for years. It comprises advertising on television, hoardings, email marketing as well as social media advertising. Most traditional tools are expensive to use, especially when you wish to reach a large audience. These tools very often would require you to hire a professional to handle your branding process for you. This is why we'll be focusing on non-traditional branding tools that you can use to grow your tech business.


Non-Traditional Branding Tools

Non-traditional branding tools include all those tools which are considered as non-conventional. The best example in this category is merchandise. Merchandise includes custom t-shirts, custom caps, customs cups, custom badges and so on. These tools are a lot less expensive than traditional tools, and they ensure a wide reach as well.


Why Use Custom T-shirts and Caps?

Custom T-shirts and Caps are a great way to brand your business. When you use custom apparel, you create a lot of ways to put your brand out there. Custom T-shirts and Caps can be easily incorporated into your marketing strategy and therefore prove to be a very flexible tool.


How to Do This Right?

Just creating a few custom t-shirts isn't enough. You have to incorporate them into your branding strategy. Here are a few easy steps that you can follow-


Get Your Employees to Wear It

The best way to brand your business using custom apparel is by getting your employees to wear it. When you do this, as your employees commute to work or interact with clients, it is your brand that would be getting all the attention.


Sell Merch

Selling merchandise that is customised to your branding is an easy way to gain recognition. For this, you will have to create compelling designs that people would want to buy. Once you figure this out, you would be good to go.





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